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Multimorbidity and ageing

Multimorbidity is the presence of multiple chronic conditions in an individual and often results in reduced quality of life, unemployment, disability, and increased mortality. The global burden of multimorbidity is rising due to population ageing and increasing incidence and prevalence of chronic conditions. Multimorbidity research aims to improve clinical practice by leading to a better understanding of how to optimize health care systems and care for patients with multimorbidity.

Multimorbidity research at Department of Clinical Epidemiology focuses on the occurrence, risk, prognosis, and cost of somatic and psychiatric multimorbidity in Denmark and is closely interwoven with our other research areas, such as pharmacoepidemiology, biostatistics, and cardiovascular diseases.
We are currently conducting studies of multimorbidity in working-age individuals. Our research focuses on joint effects of socioeconomic, lifestyle, and psychological factors on the occurrence of multimorbidity. We are also examining predictors of successful ageing for patients with multimorbidity. From a life-course perspective, we are studying associations of early-life characteristics and multimorbidity.


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