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Diabetes and obesity

The global epidemic of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes is a major contemporary health challenge, primarily related to the burden of complications to these metabolic diseases. Clinical epidemiology of obesity and diabetes examines the course, complications, and prognosis among people with obesity and diabetes. Metabolic disease epidemiology is a related research field examining the role of diet, obesity, hormones, inflammation, and other exposures in causing and preventing disease.

Our research at Department of Clinical Epidemiology aims to improve our understanding of the impact of preexisting and coexisting patient and societal factors (genes, lifestyle, comorbidity, drug use, biomarkers, and interventions) on obesity and diabetes outcomes, with the objective of preventing future costly complications to these increasingly common conditions.

DCE is the data management center for the nationwide prospective Danish Center for Strategic Research in T2D (DD2) cohort and biobank.

Selected DCE publications