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Clinical stay and 12th semester dissertation

9th semester clinical stay

The aim of the 9th semester elective course is to provide medical students with the opportunity to focus on a subject of their own choice within medical science or related relevant topics. The students learn to identify problems and applications within the field. The students can arrange a four-week clinical stay with Department of Clinical Epidemiology, as an elective course, which includes:

  • An introduction to clinical epidemiology as a subject area and field of research
  • An introduction to biostatistics
  • An introduction to the field of health care quality/clinical care
  • Working with a minor specific defined project

In collaboration with the student, we plan the program of work and a specific defined project for the four-week stay.

12th semester dissertation

The aim of the 12th semester dissertation is to write a 10-page draft for a scientific paper with literature review and possible original data analyses. Four weeks have been allocated for the task during the 12th semester, but it is possible to write it earlier.

Like other clinical departments, DCE can suggest topics for such a dissertation and also offer supervision. Students who have completed a research year may choose to write the 12th semester dissertation based on their research year project.



Deirdre Cronin Fenton

Associate professor, BSc, PhD