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Department of Clinical Epidemiology

Department of Clinical Epidemiology is a highly specialized research department. Our mission is to improve clinical care through high-quality clinical epidemiological research, education, and translation of knowledge into clinical practice. We seek to fulfill our mission by four means:  

  1. Free and independent research at an internationally high level
  2. Methods development
  3. A graduate programme
  4. Counselling of clinical departments and public authorities regarding clinical epidemiology

Our research is focused on prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and prognosis. We also work within related areas such as biostatistics, evidence-based medicine, e-health, and quality assessments.

In addition, we offer consultancy services to health authorities as well as to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Our department builds on the long tradition of research and teaching within epidemiology that has been established at Aarhus University. We strive to maintain an international and stimulating work environment with highly qualified employees with good social skills.

Henrik Toft Sørensen
Professor, MD, DMSc, DSc, PhD

Our staff

  • 20 core faculty members, including 3 professors
  • 7 adjunct faculty members
  • 20+ PhD students
  • 80+ full-time employees