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Research stay abroad

Department of Clinical Epidemiology strongly encourages our PhD students to go abroad for a research stay visiting another research institution to gain experience outside our local environment. For the PhD students, it will be a unique opportunity to present and discuss their methodologies, analyses, and results with skilled international researchers. Such networking is also certain to facilitate future international collaborations.

During my 3-month research stay at Boston University, I received valuable feedback on my project and took some great courses. My host Prof. Jaimie Gradus and colleagues were very welcoming and included me in meetings and events at the department. I enjoyed living in Boston and had time for both sightseeing and outdoor activities.

I highly recommend other PhD students to go on a research stay abroad.  

Lisbeth Mølgaard Laustsen - Boston University, spring 2023.

Examples of places you could go

  • Amsterdam University Medical Centers in the Netherlands
  • Boston University in the US
  • Karolinska Institutet in Sweden
  • Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands
  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in the UK
  • University of Oxford in the UK
  • University of Vermont in the US
  • Vanderbilt University in the US

See the full list of our international collaborators here