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Diabetes reseach centre officially opened

The Danish Centre for Strategic Research in Type 2 Diabetes, which Department of Clinical Epidemiology is part of, was officially opened on August 25. Chairman of the board Henning Beck-Nielsen gave a speech followed by presentations on expectations and plans for the new centre.

The research centre is going to ensure diabetics a life with less medication, fewer complications and enhanced quality of life. The project will investigate the combination of biological inheritance and environment, which causes type 2 diabetes, and thus, in the long term, secure more individualized treatment of patients. Another aim of the project is to create closer contact between hospitals and GPs, which will also be an advantage to patients. Furthermore, the centre will improve research possibilities as a national diabetes database and a biobank will be established. In the long term, the project will facilitate quick implementation of new knowledge into treatment. With the centre, national expertise will be joined in order to optimize and individualize treatment of type 2 diabetes, which is unique and unprecedented.