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The Danish National Health Service Prescription Database


The Danish National Health Service Prescription Database was established by Danish Regions and Aarhus University. The purpose of the database is to give Danish researchers the possibility:

  • of entering international research collaborations where linking of prescription data with databases abroad is needed
  • to be able to document and validate adverse effects by medical record review
  • to conduct studies involving contact to general practitioners
  • to link data from clinical quality databases with prescription data

Department of Clinical Epidemiology is responsible for running the database.


Danish residents who have redeemed a prescription at a community pharmacy or a hospital-based outpatient pharmacy. Approximately 3.5 million users are registered in the database each year.


From 2004 onwards. Data When a prescription is redeemed at a pharmacy, an electronic record is generated. It contains information on the user, the prescriber, the pharmacy and the dispensed drug. The Danish health authorities gather the information for administrative purposes in relation to reimbursement of costs of medicine. Thus, the database includes prescriptions for medicine eligible for reimbursement. The majority of the prescribed drugs are in the categories of alimentary tract and metabolism, the cardiovascular system, the nervous system or the respiratory system.


The county/region of residence of the user, civil registration number of the user, the prescriber, ATC code, item number, date of redemption, quantity of the item, strength, pack size, 24 hour dose, unit (related to strength), name on the packaging, form of dosis, manufacturer, drug ID and unit (related to pack size).

Access to data

Researchers from all over Denmark can gain access to the data when the necessary approvals from the Danish Data Protection Agency are in place. Researchers can apply for data by sending an email to forskningsdata@clin.au.dk with the data permission, a layman description, and a three-page protocol attached. Applications will be assessed by the board.

Chairman of the board

Professor, chair Henrik Toft Sørensen, DMSc, PhD, Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Aarhus University Hospital; E-mail: hts@clin.au.dk

Board members

University of Copenhagen: Professor Niels Obel

Aarhus University: Professor Jens Otto Lunde Jørgensen

Aalborg University: Consultant Torben Bjerregaard Larsen

University of Southern Denmark: Post doc Anton Pottegård

The Capital Region of Denmark: Dr. Jon Trærup Andersen

Region Zealand: Consultant Stig Ejdrup Andersen

The North Denmark Region: Professor Christian Torp-Pedersen

The Central Denmark Region: Medical Director Jørgen Schøler Kristensen

The Region of Southern Denmark: Professor Jesper Hallas

Daily manager of the database

Professor Lars Pedersen, MSc, PhD, Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Aarhus University Hospital; E-mail: lap@clin.au.dk