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Research honors program

A unique opportunity to do research while studying

The research honors program offers medical and other students from Health, Aarhus University a different way into research. Students can apply to be enrolled in the research honors program when they have obtained a Bachelor’s or Professional Bachelor’s degree and are about to begin their Master’s studies. The purpose of the program is to prepare talented potential young researchers for a career within health science, through interdisciplinary activities.

The two-year program is an extracurricular activity, and the student is expected to spend some evenings, weekends, and time during the summer on the program activities. The program consists of research workshops, self-studies, and a summer school. Our faculty teaches at some of the weekend workshops.

During the program, the student will conduct a research project under supervision, and therefore has to find a main supervisor and a co-supervisor among the scientific staff at Health. The main supervisor must hold a PhD degree and be employed at Health, whereas the co-supervisor must be at least a PhD student and be from a different department than the main supervisor.

At Department of Clinical Epidemiology, we do research within many different clinical research topics, and interdisciplinary and translational scientific thinking is everyday practice for our researchers. In addition to experienced senior supervisors, we have many PhD students within different topics who have strong methodological and data-management experience and who may act as co-supervisors. The supervisors will work with the research honors program student to define the research question and the project.